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Looking for Police auctions? We’ve been researching police and government auctions for years, and our fact filled members area and guide, Police and Government Auction Sources UK, is available online now. Download now for immediate access. Here are some examples of the bargains:

bicycle     car     console     tshirt     television     drill     dvdplayer

When goods are handed in to the police, they end up in the police property room. In general, quite a bit of stuff ends up there and to keep things clear, if items are not claimed within 2 months, they are auctioned and become an excellent find for bargain hunters.

The Facts About Police and Government Auctions

Seized goods, worth millions of pounds, are auctioned every year at police auctions, government auctions and bailiff auctions. Most people don’t know where or when these auctions are taking place. However, the amount of stuff that gets sold at these auctions is amazing. And its cheap! Here are some examples:

  • Dyson DC04 Upright Vacuum Cleaner, sold at Police auction, £27.00
  • Panasonic DVD Player, sold at Police auction, £4.02
  • 300W Car Amplifier, sold at Police auction, £5.50
  • Apple iPhone 4S 16GB, sold at Police auction, £15.50

At police auctions you can pick up computers, electrical items, clothing, vehicles, bikes. Some items are lost or stolen property that has never been claimed. Some items are belongings that might have been seized by bailiffs or finance companies from people in debt. Whatever the case, their loss is now your gain!

Government auctions are similar in that you can pick up plenty of computers and electrical items. In addition, you can even get your hands on agricultural equipment and specialist vehicles. And the discounts on normal prices at government auctions are often huge!

Most people don’t know where police auctions are taking place. Police and Government Auction Sources UK solves that problem and assists you in getting the following items:

  • Police lost, stolen and seized property
  • Property seized by bailiff and debt collection firms
  • Repossession agent hauls plus electrical items, property and cars
  • Items for sale via government auctions

Police and Government Auction Sources UK

Police and Government Auction Sources UK is available as a PDF document that contains 40 pages of information and access to our members area, where you can access the websites, telephone numbers and locations for auction establishments all over the UK that deal with the items mentioned above.  The auction sources are split into sections:

  • Police Auctions
  • Government Auctions
  • Property Auctions
  • Car Auctions

Download now and get started with Police and Government Auction Sources UK right away!


Please note: we have recently added a new section, Bankrupt and Surplus Stock. Here you can find sources allowing you to obtain end of line and surplus mail order stock.