Thank you for your interest in Police and Government Auction Sources UK. This online guide will introduce you to auction houses that deal with items on behalf of Police forces and Government organisations. Many of the auction houses mentioned also perform general, car and property auctions so you will find plenty of variety. If you choose to go to an auction, please confirm with the auction house you are visiting that the auction is taking place as occasionally times and venues may change.

Auction Sources

Within each category you will find a list of auction sources. Some of the auction houses deal online whilst others are more traditional and you will need to attend the auction house in person. Both types are fun!

Auction Categories: Police | Government | Cars | Property | Surplus Stock | Penny  Auctions

The auction sources listed above provide contact details and website links to auction houses. You will need to research the sources to find when the auctions are taking place. For those that would like a pre-researched list of auctions taking place during the week, sign up for our weekly diary (see below).

Weekly Diary

Each week we highlight auctions coming up from auction houses across the UK in the weekly diary, paying particular attention to those that are known to deal with Police auctions. We believe this is a useful way to summarise what’s going on if you don’t have the time to do your own research across the auction sources we link to. Access Now

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